Action Communications International

We offer authentic interpretation and translation services as well as language course instruction.


Since 1980, Action Communications Intl. has been interpreting in many of the world's languages, especially French and Spanish. Simultaneous Conference (the interpreter is on the same sentence with the speaker) and Consecutive Interpretation (wait while interpreter summarizes and translates). We use local interpreters whenever possible which avoids excessive travel costs.

We have been teaching many languages worldwide since the 1980's, almost as long as the Alberta Boot Company has been in Calgary!  We offer English (ESL), French and Spanish courses. Students are able to request other foreign languages too! In fact, Action Communications tutored former Mayor and Premier Ralph Klein in the French language! 

Action Communications International began serving Western Canada in the 1980's and proudly continues offering multilingual translation in an unlimited variety of subjects. We stand behind every word. 

Let our pro writers and editors refine your work or  illuminate your ideas! With a strong journalism background we can edit and/or translate promo material, short stories, business profiles, university essays, press releases, etc. Our editing services are proven reliable and efficient.