Action Communications International

Business meetings, Law firms, Court-work, Police, Medical Examinations for Insurance purposes, etc. Full day or half-day rates. 3 hour minimum + travel. Inquire for rates.

Rates are Competitive and Negotiable!

Interpreter Fee: Standard day maximum 8 hours. Fees vary but "exotic'' languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc may cost somewhat more. If necessary, we occasionally bring top interpreters from other regions. Price negotiable.
Overtime: Small fee applies. Ask our office for more details.
Per Diem: $50.00 per person per day (meals, taxis, sundries)
Airfare/Hotel: Responsibility of the Client.  Seat sale fares can be obtained with early bookings.  Quiet, non-smoking individual hotel rooms are required.
Landing Fee (Air): This is a standard, modest one-time charge which covers parking fees, taxis, buses, etc. at both ends of the journey.
Road Travel Out-Of-Town: Gas, travel time (mileage) and Park Pass when applicable. 
Organizing Fee: To Action Communications International depending on length of conference: 10-15% of Conference fee.
Advance Preparation: Relevant conference documentation is requested well in advance to prepare terminology and familiarize our team with conference materials.
Contract: A written contract is required. 
Payment: An advance deposit is helpful to cover Per Diems, Travel and Organizing Fees. The balance is payable on the concluding day, unless another arrangement is made in advance.

We work closely with our clients in the planning stages and can assist in obtaining electronic equipment from the best, most economical suppliers. We also offer translation of programmes and papers.

Consecutive Interpretation

Conference Interpretation